A Documentary On The Rise
Of Misrepresented Substances

A Documentary On The Rise
Of Misrepresented Substances


Our goal with this film is to expose the truth about the rise of dangerously misrepresented substances while simultaneously providing a well-rounded critique of ineffective drug policy.

To document our findings, we filmed substance test kit results at music festivals, as well as interviews with harm reduction organizations, law enforcement officials, and distributors of these illicit substances.

We quickly discovered that most of the time people were surprised to find that their bag of drugs was not what they paid for.


In What's In My Baggie?, we will discuss how ineffective drug policy is preventing harm reduction organizations from providing proper drug education and spreading awareness about the rise of adulterated substances.


Meet the people behind the making of "What's In My Baggie?"


A Very Special Thanks To Everyone Who Has Helped Us Along The Way

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Rainbow Serpent Festival

Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia) screening “What’s In My Baggie?” on Fri. 1/23

Attendees can watch the documentary in the Lifestyle Village after Rak Razam’s talk, ‘The Church of Prankster: Activism, Altered States and Awakening’.

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